Landry’s Enchanted Garden Birthday

We’re already coming up on Landry’s 2nd birthday – it’s in August.  It’s hard to believe that she’ll be two years old.  Time really does fly with a kid.  So, as I begin planning her 2nd birthday party (yes, I’m already starting), I thought I’d share what I did for her 1st birthday party.

I decided on a Fairy and Gnome theme, mainly because I wanted to dress Landry up like a fairy.  🙂   But, it ended up morphing into an Enchanted Garden theme, since I wanted to also accommodate the plethora of little boys that would be coming to the party, as well.

In typical Clare fashion, I went overboard.  But, I had a blast doing it!  I made tutus for all the little girls (no two were alike!), and provided each with a set of fairy wings, a flower barrette, and a wand (thank you Halo Heaven for being so cheap!).  I also made myself a tutu and got some adult-sized wings, so I’ve included some photos below of me looking appropriately ridiculous. I also made “gnome hats” for each little boy, but they weren’t very interested in wearing them, although they did seem to enjoy their “bubble pipes.”  My husband also had me make him a gnome shirt and hat, so he could join in the fun.  I had a gnome hat decorating station, but only little Jake decorated his hat, with the help of his Mom & Dad (thanks Lisa & Jason!).  The cake and cupcakes were made by my now favorite cake lady, Classy Cakes by Lori.  And, my wonderful mother-in-law, Ruby, made the beautiful and delicious sugar cookies in the shapes of butterflies, flowers, and a “1.”

We had over 40 people in all (yes, it was more a party for us than for her!), and I was very pleased with how it all turned out.  So, enjoy photos of the party in all its fairy-like glory!

First, let’s start with the invite.

Landry's Enchanted Garden 1st Birthday Invite

Landry’s Enchanted Garden 1st Birthday Invite

Now, on to the party!

Tutus, wands, and gnome hats for all the kids!

Tutus, wands, and gnome hats for all the kids!

Each little girl had a tag for her “frock and wand” as well as her flower barrette.

Butterflies and a tulle poof hanging from the chandelier

Butterflies and a tulle poof hanging from the chandelier

Gnome hats and bubble wands for each little boy.

Gnome hats and bubble wands for each little boy.

I found some cute ideas on Pinterest showing banners or displays of the birthday girl for each month during her first year, so I made my own version, and I think it turned out great!

Landry month by month

Photos of Landry month-by-month

And now on to the food!

Dessert table

Dessert table

The cake!

The cake!

Cupcakes with matching theme cupcake toppers

Cupcakes with matching theme cupcake toppers and fun names for the food.

Beautiful sugar cookies compliments of Landry's Grandma.

Beautiful sugar cookies compliments of Landry’s Grandma.

And now on to all of our fairies and gnomes!

First, the birthday girl and her crazy Mama and Daddy!

Birthday Girl!

Birthday girl, Landry! I found an embroidery pattern that matched the fairy on her invite, so Wendy helped me embroider it onto a onesie for Landry.

Matching fairies!

Matching fairies!

Gnome Ramsey

My dear friend, April that was snapping pics thought it would be funny to catch me from behind….I can’t say she was wrong….

Ridiculous? Yes. Fun? Totally!

And now on to those other precious little ones that helped us celebrate Landry’s first birthday!

Wendy and Caroline. Wendy was a good sport and also donned a tutu that I made and insisted she wear, too.

Landry’s Future BFF, Paige.

Sweet Isabel and her Mom, Amy.

Crazy Tiernan!

Peachy! (aka Emma Kate)

April’s daughter, Abby and my dear friend, Victoria

The fabulous, Emme!

And, last but not least, my Gnomes that actually wore their hats!

Gnome Mateo and his Mom, Hong.


Now, on to planning Landry’s 2nd birthday party.  She’s in love with Dora la Exploradora (yes, the Spanish version), so I’m thinking I’ll morph it into Dora’s Beach Luau.  I’ll post that party in September.  🙂


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