Extreme Makeover: Sewing Table Edition

I mentioned a while back that I really wanted a serger.  Well, got one for Mother’s Day.  And, it’s awesome!  I don’t know how I sewed without it before – it makes sewing sooooo much easier!  I got the BabyLock Imagine, which has the auto tension and jet-air threading – it really takes all the frustration out of having a serger.

So, I brought it home and put it on my little Ikea table that also houses my sewing machine and my Silhouette Cameo die cutter.  (hmm, that table is getting crowded…)  It all fits…and is workable…BUT, have you seen the covers that come with these machines?  One word. BLAH.

My sewing/craft table happens to sit in my home office.  And, I work from home. Everyday. Sitting 6 feet from BLAH.

Blah Sewing Table

A girl can only take so much….

So, I channeled my inner Grandma.  And, I made a Cozy for each of my machines!

Now, the Cozy serves 2 functions:  1) it serves to keep the dust off of the machine when not in use, and more importantly, 2) it serves as a shield from tiny little 2-year old fingers that want nothing other than to push buttons and turn dials.  Thus, these Cozys are not only decorative, they’re also a necessity if I want to keep my machines in one piece.

So, I give you my “Extreme Makeover: Sewing Table Edition!”

Sewing Table Makeover

Sewing Table Makeover

Now, isn’t that way more fun to look at!  I loved the mix of fabrics.  My husband said they scream “Me.”  I imagine my friends would agree….

Overall, I’m very pleased with how each of them turned out.  Here’s how I made them:

For my sewing machine (far right), I took the cover that came with it, turned it inside out, measured it, and recreated it.  And, I added a pocket on the front to hold my embroidery scissors and tweezers.

For my serger (far left), I used the guidelines for creating a pattern found here, but I used my own judgement on sewing it all together as well as the decision to add some heavyweight interfacing to the sides to make it stand up.  I used the instructions here to created the space on the top to pull the handle through so I could move the machine without having to remove the cover first.

Finally, I used the tutorial and pattern here to make the cover for my Silhouette Cameo (middle). This one was, by far, the easiest and fastest to make.

Here are pics of each of them close up.

Sewing Machine Cover

Sewing Machine Cover

Serger Cover

Serger Cover

Silhouette Cameo Cover

Silhouette Cameo Cover

Now that I have a serger, I’ve also been busy making a slew of Maxi Skirts that I’m living in this summer.  More to come on those soon.  Until then, tell me what you think of my machine Cozys!


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