Landry’s Cowgirl 3rd Birthday Party

I know, I know.  I haven’t blogged in nearly a year.  Well, it’s been a busy year.  But, that’s for another blog post.  Let’s talk Landry’s 3rd birthday party first…

The theme:  It really came down to the wire this year.  We bought a new house, spent 2 weeks in a hotel before we could move in, and by that time I had about 2-weeks before her birthday and was desperate.  She likes to ride ponies, a western theme is easy, and wha-la! The Cowgirl birthday theme was born.

The stuff:  I sorta cheated this year…well, I call it cheating.  I bought the invite off of Etsy from a lovely woman who customized it for me along with the rest of the fun cupcake toppers, signage, etc.  Then I didn’t even print it myself – I sent it all to QuikPrint.  But, it all came out really cute, and I didn’t have to kill myself doing it all in a matter of 24-hours!

The outfit:  I hunted high and low for pink cowgirl fabric.  To my dismay, it only existed online, and I didn’t have time to order it, get it in and make the skirt.  I was able to put my hands on brown cowprint fabric (harder than it seems, people!) and mixed in hot pink and blue check prints to sort of match her invites.  I found a precious embroidery design on Etsy and popped it on a tank from Old Navy (yeah, about that embroidery…. I got a fabulous new embroidery machine for Christmas and am loooooving it!).  Overall, I was really pleased with how the outfit turned out.  We also took this opportunity to buy Landry her very first pair of cowboy boots (pink, of course!), and boy does she love them!  Yay!

The cake & cookies:  This was a no-brainer.  Classy Cakes by Lori made the cake.  She’s my go-to lady for cakes that are beautiful, don’t cost a fortune, and are oh so delicious.  I’ve used her for all of Landry’s birthday parties as well as my 40th birthday part, and, she did not fail me this year, either.  LOVED the cake, and it tasted even better than it looked! And, of course we had those fabulous sugar cookies that my mother-in-law, Ruby, is known for – it’s just not a party without them.  Don’t they look great!

The activityAustin Pony Parties.  2 ponies for 1-hour.  HUGE hit with the kids.  Landry LOVED it.  She rode Midnight (a white pony, ironically) about 90% of the time they were in our backyard.  She cried every time we took her off for another kid to ride.  But, she cheerfully waved goodbye when the handlers walked them out of the yard, yelling “bye ponies!”  Whew!  At least she didn’t spend the rest of the party crying that the ponies were gone!

The pics:  The battery in my DSLR camera was dead, so I made do with my iPhone.  Lucky for me, it takes pretty good pics.  I’ve posted a few below including pics of all the cute kiddos who celebrated her birthday with her.  Enjoy!

3rd Birthday Cowgirl outfit from

Yee Haw! It’s my birthday!

Cowgirl 3rd Bithday |

The cowgirl is ready for this party to start!

Cowgirl 3rd Birthday Invite |

Cowgirl 3rd Birthday Invitation

Cowgirl birthday decorations from

Birthday party welcome sign, thank you treat bags for all the kids, and a branding station with a horseshoe stamp

Cowgirl birthday party from

Cowgirl cake, cupcakes, and cookies

Pony rides at Cowgirl birthday from

Pony riders!

I’ve been hard at work on lots more projects.  Let’s see if I can’t get another blog post up before another year passes me by.

Until then…..

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