Everyone has to start somewhere

I just took up a new hobby.  Sewing.  I always said that sewing skips a generation, because why do you need to learn to sew, if your Mom can do it for you?  Well, my Mom has left us to go to a much better place, so I must learn in order to give my daughter the gift that my Mom gave to me.  And, I have to say….I LOVE it.  I kind of took it up on whim.  I saw all the cute kids clothes on Etsy that were pretty pricey and watched my good friend Wendy sew some pretty amazing stuff for her kids.   So, I borrowed Wendy’s very fancy sewing machine to sew some cute little turkeys onto t-shirts for me, my husband (he asked for one!) and myself.  And, I kinda liked it.

Thanksgiving 2011: Matching Turkey Shirts

So, when we were heading into a restaurant for dinner about a week later, I popped into Sew Much More next door to take a look around.  I came home with a brochure and pricing.  I stayed up until 1am doing research.  And, the next day I went back to look around at a few more machines.  I settled on the BabyLock Grace, which is a relatively basic computerized sewing machine.  It had a couple of features that I decided I had to have:  speed control, some fun built-in stitches (there are 40), a one-step button hole (5 options), a needle-threader, and a drop-in bobbin.  It’s crazy easy to use and got amazing reviews.  And, it came with free one-on-one lessons for as long as I own it and 2-years of complimentary maintenance.  SOLD.  Since then I’ve been doing relatively easy projects.  My first project was a Christmas table runner.  Now, our dining room table is 8′ long.  And, I was terrified of piecing the material together – that seemed too hard.  So, I bought 4 yards of a sassy “Feliz Navidad” fabric that I knew my husband would love and sewed an 11′ tube.  I even got brave enough to top stitch on it.  And, of course my bobbin ran out in the midst of it all, but I finished it and claimed victory!  I’m sure I’ll look back on it years from now and laugh at how wavy my stitches are, but, for now, I think it’s awesome…..

Feliz Navidad Table Runner: My very first sewing project.


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