Overly Ambitious

It’s possible I could be getting overly ambitious with my sewing.  Maybe.

I decided to make Landry’s Easter dress.  And matching bloomers.  And a dress for our wildflower photos at the end of the month.  And a pair of bloomers to match the St. Patrick’s Day outfit I made for her.  And a pair of ruffled pants…..

Perhaps I’m getting too aggressive with my plans….

I saw a “20-minute ruffle dress tutorial” made with the most fabulous pre-ruffled fabric and decided I had to make Landry an Easter dress.  How hard could a 20-minute dress be?  The tutorial looks super easy (famous last words!).  I found the fabric at a local sewing shop and nearly passed out when I checked out, and, once they rang up the total, I realized it was $25/yard.  Yes, I bought a full yard.  No, there were no coupons available at this particular store.  Yes, I did have a mini anxiety attack when I realized I CAN’T MESS THIS UP!  Yes, I kicked myself when I got home and realized I could’ve ordered the same exact fabric for $17/yard from RuffledFabric.com.  BUT, isn’t it pretty…?

I’m super nervous about messing this up, so I made a “sample dress” out of muslin to make sure the pattern fits her before I cut my crazy expensive fabric.

I have to say, the dress is super easy to make…..only 3 seams….just gotta make sure I cut it all correctly.   I altered the neckline and the sleeves on my pattern based upon how they ended up falling in my muslin sample.  I’ll post pics when I’m done – hopefully I’ll get to make it this weekend.  I’m also hoping to have enough fabric leftover to make a pair of ruffled pants and a pair of bloomers to go under the dress.  However, the St. Patrick’s Day bloomers I just finished aren’t looking so hot on her…..there seems to be a bit of “extra room” in the front, which just looks weird.  But, oh well.  She’s only going to wear them once anyway.

Here’s the entire St. Patty’s Day outfit I made for her – the skirt is featured in my last post, Twirl Skirt Tutorial.  I finished her shirt and one for myself this past weekend.  I thought they turned out really cute!

You’ll see Landry was having her snack in the photo above.  She likes to mimic me right now, so it was tough getting a shot of her standing up.  She kept squatting down like I was doing when I was trying to take her picture.  Of course, Charlie saw this as an opportunity to “share” her snack.  Sneaky little dog….

This past weekend, I also made another skirt and matching onesie for a little girl who just turned one.

I love the way the fabric waves across the butterfly.

And, I added another tiny little butterfly to the back of the onesie just for fun.  It was so tiny I had to hand sew it on.

I was pretty pleased with how this set turned out.  And, I got to use my friend Wendy’s serger to finish the seams on the skirt.  That was probably a big mistake.  I’m now under the impression that I NEED a serger.  And, I already have one picked out…  And, of course, it’s not an inexpensive purchase….  Patience.   I’m trying to teach myself Patience…. If only I could quit my day job and just go to town on my list of projects.  Ahh, but there are mortgages to pay and sergers to buy…..One day….


2 thoughts on “Overly Ambitious

  1. Too cute! You’re so creative and talented!
    I’m sure glad you had a girl… a boy just wouldn’t have been quite as cute in the ruffles.
    ps… Go Charlie! 🙂

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